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Narumi's Erotic, Sick Fantasy

Now Narumi's gigantic ass was high in the air, displaying the obscene sized anus, which normally bulged out to the size of a golf ball. It was now hanging out over six inches and bulging open as wide as a the opening of a soup can. More obscene than her over sized asshole was the extremely hairy pussy that hung down in an eight-inch wide, gapping display between her hairy thighs. The hair was as long as six inches over most of the very thick outside lips. The inner lips were thick, slippery convolutions that hung far below the outer lips. Thick wads of pussy cream drooled out of the bottomless cave of her vagina. She was so turned on that her heavily muscled vagina opened and closed like the mouth of a dying fish. Each time it closed a wad of pussy oil squirted out over a foot. It was as wide as a softball when gapped open. She often fucked herself with her bent half-hard penis. Her vagina was so elastic and deep that she could take all of it without too much difficulty. Her balls partially rested on the floor as she began shiting out the contents of her stuffed ass.

Narumi liked to fantasize that she was being forced by her imaginary mistress, to shit objects out of her ass in front of friends and strangers. Now she imagined that she was naked on the filthy floor of a public restroom, licking the feet of strange women who were insulting her for being such a hairy cow and toe sucking slut. They were amazed at her emmense penis and hairy ball which swung back and forth and scraped the floor slightly while she was on her hands and knees.

As the first pepper hot softball emerged out of her asshole, Narumi imagined that one particularly cruel lady stood behind her and kicked her balls as hard as she could as the fantasy softball dropped to the dirty rest room floor. Narumi groaned loudly while on the floor of the train compartment. She began to spasm as a beer can and some of the fiery chili peppers followed. They had inflamed the inside of her colon horribly. She began to whimper from the extreme heat that was building up in her LF gland and her anus. Her penis began to thump the floor. It was beginning to push up between her sweaty breast towards her face, which rested on the floor. It spurted thick clear gouts of pre-cum on her hairy tits. Her spasming cunt dribbled cream all over her swinging balls. They too were swelling and growing hotter.

Narumi began to cry out loud, as she grew increasingly thirsty. She shit out the other two softballs and the second can of beer. She was almost loosing her ability to control herself. The leaky penis was now at her chin. She lifted her head and began licking it. She swallowed three mouthfuls of sticky pre-cum. All of the contents of her ass lay on the floor in a greasy heap. She was gasping hard and letting out short loud screams as she reached in front of her face and retrieved a few of the items she had placed in front of her.

Her fantasy returned. The ladies in the rest room had begun pissing on her after she had unloaded her ass. She lifted her head in the fantasy and tried vainly to catch it all in her mouth. She gargled it and swallowed mouthful after mouthful. She begged for more. " Please, please dear ladies, do not stop. I am very thirsty and need all of your sweet piss. Oh God, please piss in my mouth and not my hair. It is already completely soaked. Ahhh, ieeee! More! I love it, Pleeeasee! Gargle, glubb" "Look at this elephant dick little whore, begging for piss like a tourist who has been stranded in the Sarah Desert for four days. Here, you filthy little cum soaked whore put your mouth over my stinking pussy and drink. Do not spill one drop or you will taste worse.

Narumi imagined that the lady pissed so much and so hard that it spurted out the corners of her mouth and her nose. The other ladies then held her head tightly against the woman's ass hole and told her to eat every bite of shit that emerged. " Eat you slimy bucket of hog piss. Eat every fucking ounce. I have waited three days to shit just waiting for a worthless toilet whore like you to come along."

Narumi was such a real slut and filthy girl that she would eat large quanties of her own shit several times a week. In her fantasy, the woman grunted huge solid turds down her throat for over ten minutes. While she did so, Narumi's penis grew up between the woman's legs. Although Narumi was on her knees, the monster raged up almost to the woman's waist. She and three of the other ladies began tearing at it with their fingernails, fist and teeth. They hated Narumi's penis. It made their husbands cocks look like little sewing needles.

Narumi got so hot on the train compartment floor that she actually began turning red. She imagined that the women began beating her constantly drooling penis with their shoes and the handle of a toilet plunger. One of the ladies began beating her penis with a baseball bat she had bought her son. She imagined that they kicked her balls so hard that they swelled to the size of basketballs and lay completely on the floor. Her penis was swollen and bloody. It was longer than it had ever been. It was thicker than her thigh and extended above her head when it as smashed upward by the baseball bat. She was spurting pre-cum constantly. She felt her hot juices begin the journey out. Her LF gland had become so swollen in the fantasy that she looked like she was 8 months pregnant. It would be a massive cum that would render her unconscious.

As Narumi began her imaginary cum she began sticking four inch round headed pins in the head of her penis. She howled in agony. A large solid turd as long and wide as her forearm fell to the compartment floor. Larger ones awaited. It had been five days since she had shit. She had purposely taken a substance that would constipate her until now. She was in total slut-minded ecstasy. She shoved 15 pins at least two inches deep in her penis head. Several were shoved the entire four inches. Three were pushed through her urethra and out the side of the the mammoth cock head. She now began to shit a thick, arm- long turd. It took over a minute to emerge, falling heavily in a hot steaming mass next to the first one. Shorter but still firm ones followed. When they were all out, her shit became looser. Now a huge quantity of thick mud like shit flowed out, completely covering the solid logs. Brown jets of liquid shit followed this. It projected over three feet away against the compartment door and floor. She was now gasping and squealing just like a throat cut pig. Her orgasm was fast approaching as she completed her fantasy in a drunken sex haze.

The women began screaming in horror and disgust as Narumi's horridly swollen penis began discharging dozens of cum spurts all over the them, the walls and the floor. As she did so, her mistress began beating her wildly flopping tits and heaving ass with a cat of nine tails which contained sharp, barbed wires and pieces of razor. It tore away pieces of her skin and caused blood to fly onto the ladies and the surrounding toilet stalls. The women began vomiting. Narumi's head was about to explode in the fantasy as she too vomited out all the shit and piss she had ingested. It got on the women. Narumi fell to the floor, jerking and spasming while her cock still spurted and her mistress continued to beat her. She lost consciousness. The ladies were soaked and dripping in the foul mess. There was nothing they could do except go out in public, and try to find a clothing store in a panic. Most would not be allowed in and would have to ride the subway home with shit, piss and hermaphrodite cum drying on their cloths and in there hair. How would you explain it to your husband's ladies?



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