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Narumi's Horrible Mess And Miss Yumi Kimi

Narumi cried loudly and sucked on her rigid cock as her fiery cum approached. She rose to her knees and attempted to pull and stroke as much skin over the pin riddled head as possible. It wasn't enough pain. She grabbed a double handful of loose skin above her swollen hot balls and began slinging them against the floor and metal wall as hard and violently as possible. Her scrotum was so elongated that she had plenty of leverage. It was the same as picking up a medium size plastic garbage bag with two footballs in it and slamming it against the floor.

It was so agonizing that she almost fainted. The pain invaded her pussy and cock head. She was making a horrible racket as she continued to slam her balls against the floor as hard as her solid strong arms could work. Her tits tossed about in impossible directions. They began to spurt. Her vagina opened over four inches wide and let loose thick wads of pussy syrup. Loud, putrid farts filled the room. Her penis began to jerk and spasm. Her eyes bulged. Her incredibly long tongue hung out of her mouth, snot ran out of her nose and thick, sticky slobber poured out of her mouth. Her penis had swollen larger than ever. The drooling tip was at eye level as it blasted out the first shot of acid cum. It felt just as if someone had shoved a white-hot coal deep into the urethra of her penis. Mouth slobber sprayed the walls as she began screaming in pure hellish agony. The second eruption was longer and more violent. The white hot cum was literally pissed out in a continuous spurt that lasted five seconds. It expanded her urethra almost three inches wide. The third was even worse than the second . She spurted a full ten seconds. Now it felt as if she had been given a gasoline enema down her urethra and lit with a match. It was so intense that she actually felt that she was pissing fire. Of course, her cum was not really that hot but her lusting was so great that it actually felt like that.

It was the most pain that she had ever felt in her short eighteen years. It only served to fuel her passion more. She was an absolute masochist and the pain drove her immediately into a second more violent and excruciating orgasm. She spurted fluids from every hole in her body. Even her ears leaked small drops of fluid. She sweated, pissed and vomited. Her penis shot out a gush of held back cum that was so thick that it tore a small part of her urethra at the opening. . She tore at her nipples stretching them an impossible ten inches. She bit the bottom flange of her penis head that was even with her mouth. She chewed it until it bled. Her cum was now almost as thick as toothpaste as it oozed out of her cock like volcanic lava. She screeched at the unholy site and fainted in a heap. She awoke quickly at a fierce pounding on her door. She was almost dehydrated and needed liquids immediately. She arose on very weak wobbly legs and began drinking directly out of the small basin faucet. The pounding continued. She then took notice of her surroundings. Her hand quickly surpressed the scream that emerged from her sticky mouth. The compartment was awash in over a gallon of thick cum, quarts of piss and breast liquids and many pools of pussy cream. Worse, there were five days worth of hot stinking shit on the floor and a full stomachs worth of vomit. It would take her half a day to clean it all up and the train was due to arrive at in several hours. The pounding got louder. She carefully made her way to the door. Her penis was still more than half-hard, hanging out and slightly downward almost two feet. It swayed and bounced as she walked to the door. The room had gotten hot and her wildly swinging balls now bounced off of her calves as she walked. Her body was covered in cum, piss and slobber. It flew in many directions as her huge tits swung back and forth in loud slapping arcs. She attempted to grasp the slippery floor with her long angular toes. Oh how she would enjoy sucking the pussy snot and cum off of each wiggly, sexy toe. This she would do as soon as she could get rid of the intruder.

She opens the door only a half-inch. She immediately gasped and surpressed a small scream with her sticky right hand.. On the other side of the door was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She had cold grey eyes that communicated a fierce, no nonsense demeanor. Narumi looked deeper and discovered what she had long been seeking. This woman's eyes and composure revealed total ruthlessness and lack of pity for the most intense suffering that would invade her presence. She exhibited a world of knowledge and understanding of the special needs and desires of women such as Narumi. She was Japanese, standing about 5'5" inches tall. She had shoulder length jet black hair, and large oval eyes. She had a fierce look on her beautiful face. One did not cross this woman. Narumi opened the door a little wider and let out a small gasp. The woman was barefoot and holding a loose bright red robe together at her neck. Narumi felt a tingle in her penis. The woman had exquisite feet. They possessed high arches and many blue veins that created a sexy pattern in and around her prominate bone structure.

The most inviting feature of these most wonderful feet was the long, curly angular toes. They were even longer than Narumi's. Narumi imagined them as small fingers that would stroke and caress her penis and nipples into mind melting orgasms. Narumi was hypnotized, and continued to stare at them. The middle toe of the left foot was so long that it crossed over both of its smaller neighbors.
"Wake up you foot freak bitch"
the woman viscously shouted at Narumi. She could only see Narumi's cum splattered face. She knew instantly what it was.
"Are you in the habit of fucking your boyfriend and letting him blow his cum all over your face at 1AM and screaming endlessly while he does? Did it occur to you that others are trying to get some well-deserved rest while you suck dick and shout to the world about it? Well? What about it little Miss cum covered, shit for brains? What do you have to say?"
Narumi was stunned. No one had ever talked to her like that. Her cock quivered and started to expand a little.
"I...I...I ddon't have, unh...err a,a, a boy...boyfriend Miss. I'mm soooo, uhh,so sorry. Please, uhhh...please for, for forgive me."
Marumi was begging for forgiveness for the first time in her life. It made her pussy dribble.

"What the hell is going on here you Euro-Asian fuck head? What the hell is that smell? Let me in right now or I will call the conductor."
The woman instinctively knew what was spinning around in Narumi's sordid mind. Who.. who are you?
"Narumi stammered? I am Yumi Kimi, MISS KIMI to you my little slut."
"Please, everything is such a mess in here, and you will be embarrassed and sick if you see me. Please I am naked and do not wish to shock you or be embarrassed."
"You will open this door immediately or I will kick it open and beat the living shit out of you. Look at me piss mouth, look in my eyes. I can read you. I know that you know that I will beat you to an unmerciful pulp, roll you up into a big sticky wad and stick you under the bottom of a chair just like a used up piece of gum."
Narumi stiffened and sobbed in defeat. She knew it was true. She had always dreamed about this woman. This was the woman who would make her life one of constant, uncompromising pain and humiliation. Miss Yumi Kimi would make her most sick fantasies seem like a preschool song. Her shoulders sagged and her penis stiffened more, as she let Miss Kimi into the room and into her life.


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