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Narumi's Penis

Narumi, begins to cry out in short gasping sobs as she reaches down to attempt to grasp the most horrid and inhuman sex organs that she is oh, so pleased to own. It is the single thing that is the reason that all of the women, who wanted her, ran screaming from her life. It is a penis. Yes, Narumi is a complete and total hermaphrodite. Not only does she possess both a penis and balls- which nature might visit on the world perhaps one time in a hundred million births- but she possesses them in such an abundance that they are easily the largest penis and balls in the world. No man likely can match them. Narumi is such and over sexed little slut and so selfish about her own pleasure that she is glad that nature awarded them to her. One day she will find that special woman who will gladly accept her sex organs and think of ungodly ways to torture them until she goes temporally insane with the pain and ecstasy.

However, at the moment she is attempting to grasp and lift the monster penis in her inadequate hands in order to stroke and beat it into an even larger, rigid mass of trembling hardness. Her bottomless, huge pussy demands it. Her balls begin to feel like they have been injected with hot water which is increasing in temperature each minute. Each of the elongated obscene globes is the size of a large coconut. They grow larger as Narumi becomes hotter and they fill with cum. Narumi also has a large internal gland that sits where her uterus would be if she had one. It is similar to a mans prostate gland only much larger and elastic. It too is a reservoir for sex secretions that will combine with the cum in her balls when she reaches one of her very painful climaxes.

When Narumi begins to lust and get sexually aroused- which is almost always these days- this gland, which we will call her LF (liquid fire) gland, begins to fill with special secretions that only Narumi's hormone crazy body can manufacture. She can feel the heat building up in the LF gland, as she becomes more aroused. If she for some reason cannot reach her orgasm quickly, the gland as well as her balls will continue to swell to gigantic sizes. Sometimes the LF gland will expand so much that her stomach will begin to look like a woman who is five months pregnant. She becomes very fearful when this happens because it makes her belly feel as if it is full of hot coals, doubling her over with severe cramps and intestinal gases. The gases are expelled as loud, putrid smelling farts. Often times the swelling is so sever that large solid turds will emerge when she farts violently. Often time Narumi will break wind very loudly when in public. Sometimes the farts are so loud and long that it sounds like she is shitting. It is always very foul smelling and almost everyone will get angry with her and move as far away as possible. Many time times they will call her a filthy self -centered bitch and demand that she leave the room or get the hell out of their sight. This only causes her pussy to start dripping.

Over the years Narumi has discovered that the women are the most cruel to her. Men will usually shake their heads in bewilderment or pity but the women will berate and belittle her and occasionally slap and kick her. This is especially true of the younger women. Narumi has just about decided that women's worse enemy is women. However she cares little for the affairs of women or men. She is Narumi. All she deserves is a full and equal opportunity to make a choice about things personal or worldly. Once the choice is made all else is minor, especially her gender. She knows she is a highly sexed, lesbian, masochist and is content to be so. She is also very intent on achieving a first class orgasm right now. She feels her LF gland and other organs responding

What really scares Narumi when her LF gland swells is the ungodly agony/pleasure that occurs when she cums. The fluids in the LF gland mix with the cum from her balls to form a mixture that will burn her long wide urethra (penis tube) almost the same as boiling water. Worse, when Narumi cums it is it is usually a series of 10-15 long, thick, ropy spurts that can shoot six or seven feet in the air. Because her balls and LF glands are so massive in size, the amount of cum she looses during the 10-15 spurts can be as much as two or more quarts. Its hurts her terribly. This of course, makes her want to cum again. She will continue pulling, stroking and biting her swollen penis until it somehow swells even larger and fires off another load of hot acid like cum. This will continue until she becomes exhausted or dehydrated so much that she must stop and replenish herself and rest.

Now she is beginning to grow thirsty as large volumes of her body fluids are converted to sex fluids. It is a very common daily experience for Narumi. She compensates for it by drinking massive amounts of fluids including sports drinks. It replenishes her sufficiently to get through each day. She ignores the thirst for the moment and lifts her half-hard penis with both hands. It is rather difficult to do for several reasons. First, her tits are so huge that she must push them sideways with her arms in order to reach her giant root.

It is of such massive proportions that even when only half hard it arches out and downward like a gooses neck. It is an uncircumcised penis, possessing a long thick foreskin that covers all but the very tip of the head, even when it is half-hard. The cum and piss slit is fully as large as Narumi's mouth. It dribbles and spurts clear sticky lubrication fluids that splatter on the floor and Narumi's long, constantly curling and flexing toes.

Based on a single picture of Narumi when her penis was hard enough to be spurting, the author of this story was able to use some digital scaling techniques to estimate the size of Narumi's cock. It is truly a most amazing appendage. When hard it is approximately 25 inches long, easily reaching her mouth without bending her head. Equally amazing are the thickness of the monster and the size of its oily, pulsating head.

Narumi cannot encircle the six -inch wide base of her penis even with both hands. When hard, the thick wrinkled foreskin is stretched back to reveal a dark red head that is an ungodly seven- inches long and four inches thick. Thus, it can be estimated, that Narumi's penis is about 12 inches in length and 4 inches thick when soft and 19 inches long and 5 inches thick when half hard. The most amazing and perhaps horrible thing to know is that poor Narumi's penis; balls, breast, body hair and pussy are still growing. It is fine with her. She is a size freak as well as a pain- slut. Besides, the larger everything grows the more intense her sexual urges will also grow. It is also more challenging to hide her monster-sized cock, balls, flopping tits and leaking fluids in public, as she grows larger. This makes her life more humiliating and thus more exciting sexually.

As noted her slippery penis is only half hard as she masturbates in front of the mirror. It is also beginning to burn and itch terribly as Narumi attempts to pump it up to its full size. She knows this is impossible unless she gives herself some severe pain. The only problem is that it now takes more and more pain or humiliation to get it to full size. She can cum many times when it is not fully hard but the intensity of her orgasms is much more agonizing and pleasurable when it is hard. She lets it loose, watching it jerk up and down, slinging thick wads of pre-cum on the walls, the floor and herself. It drips out of her hair and coats the penis as if someone broke a half a dozen eggs over it.

Narumi drops to her knees and leans forward, mashing her wet hairy tits on the floor. They mush out far beyond her arms as she thrust her huge ass high in the air. The ass itself is covered with a veil of short curly hair which is very thin and sparse near her hips but thickens to a very dense forest in and along her long wide ass crack. Although Narumi's ass crack is full of long thick hair, her anus is still visible. This is because like the rest of her, nature has determined that it will be much larger than normal. It is a gigantic anus because of Narumi's long history of cramming it full of an assortment of impossibly huge foreign objects. She had been doing this since age five when she discovered that she could get most of her hand in it. At the moment it was crammed with three softballs that she coated with pepper laced butter. She also stuffed the endless cave with a dozen very hot, crushed chili peppers, three whole peeled onions and two, unopened cans of beer . There is also five days worth of hard packed shit. Her stomach is bloated. She, as can be seen, has a most expansive and endless anus and colon.

In fact it is Narumi's deep wide ass hole and colon that is the usual hiding place of her penis when she is in public. She had finally mastered the ability and procedure of cramming it in her ass when she was 12 years old. All she has to do is wait until her penis is soft or half-hard. After applying a liberal coat of slippery cum or some other greasy substance, she pulls it between her thick and drooping pussy lips. She then stuffs it into her gaping anus which she can open up at least three inches before stretching it more with huge objects or her penis. She then pulls a wide strap between her legs very tightly to keep the monster in her ass, and attaches it to the rear of the belt she wears tightly around her waist. The strap is split to go around both sides of her penis and balls and becomes one piece where it shoves her penis up her ass.

Narumi's balls are so huge and heavy that they hang to just past her knees. They are kicked and banged about unmercifully when she walks, jumps, or even sometimes jogs in her long full skirts. It is terribly painful. She always wears full skirts so no one will see them. However, many times they will swing and bounce off of her legs so violently that people will see them something tossing her skirt around from the inside. No one could imagine that it was a pair of balls that weighed ten pounds each.

In fact, it is Narumi's poor swollen balls that receive some of her worse sessions of self-abuse. She often tortures them unmercifully, sometimes stretching them to unbelievable lengths while tied with ropes and even chains, beating them with a cane until her cum flows in long thick squirts. She even sticks long pins in them when she is really hungry for mind melting pain.

Once Narumi even dared to sit on top of her stove while letting the coconut size monsters hang down in front of the open oven door.After about ten minutes the heat caused them to hang down an extra 10 inches. She then closed the door, isolating both balls and about six inches of elastic scrotum skin hanging in the oven. Then her sex crazed mind instructed her to turn up the oven to 400 degrees and begin roasting her poor balls.

Not surprisingly, she is able to sustain the horrible self-torture far beyond what a normal person could. When she had been screaming for at least five unbelievable minutes and could stand it no longer she removed them quickly. Even she screeched at what she saw and felt. They had been cooked so long and dangerously that each was the size of watermelons. They were now so heavy that she staggered on widely splayed legs.

They hung almost to the floor and blazed with the most intense agony that Narumi had ever experienced. The pain was so bad that she screeched and wailed as she wobbled on spasming legs to the bathroom in the hopes that she could cool them off in a tub of cold water.

Then she noticed in her haze of pain that her penis was as large and hard as it had ever It was thumping her in the face and filling the air with spurts of thick pre cum. She instinctively grabbed it and began sucking the wide slit and digging her long nails into the sensitive skin on the underside. She started gushing a massive orgasm right away. It was the largest ever. Quarts of the thick yellowish-white goo splattered the ceiling, walls and her body. It looked as if someone had poured several bowls of hand lotion on top of her head and heaving, belly- smacking tits. She fell to her knees and passed out, screeching in agony as her horribly blistered and partially roasted balls slammed into the floor



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