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Introducing Narumi

Unlike most eighteen year old girls, Narumi's rather small but full lipped mouth widened in a very satisfied smile as she gazed at herself in the small basin mirror that was located on the wall of her private compartment. She was in car number six on the train to Sendai where the exclusive Shinbashi School for Special Young Women was located. It was a very special and expensive school that her mother in great despair, had told Narumi she must attend. Narumi often talked back to her mother and would often disappear for several days at a time. She also drove her mother almost crazy with her almost constant need to masturbate and abuse her very unique body. Even so Narumi loved her mother very much and agreed to attend the Shinbashi Girls school.

Although she often came close to having an affair with many girls it never ever happened. They would faint or run away when Narumi began removing her clothes. However, she was still a lesbian at heart and knew she would meet that special person someday. That is the main reason she looked forward to attending the school. She was not concerned with the class work she would have to perform. She was a very bright girl and always made the best grades without much effort at all.

She flipped her long fingered hands through her short cut, auburn colored hair and leaned closer to the mirror to apply a light purple mascara to her large, oval, bright blue eyes. They were eyes that revealed a very diverse personality. She was very intelligence, sometimes bold but mostly very passive. Actually, Narumi was extreme in many ways. She was an extreme masochist who loved to be hurt and humiliated for sexual pleasure. It grew stronger as she grew older. She accepted it fully and loved the thought of being some special woman's sex and pain slave. Narumi had no taboos and often had fantasies about degrading herself in the most horrible ways. Sometimes she was very sad about not having someone special in her life to make her crawl and beg for the pleasure of licking their dirty feet, or to receive a severe beating to her very odd but wonderful body. She always had to fantasize about being abused and humiliated. It was also necessary to administer her own beatings and other horrible abuses that her depraved mind had invented over the years.

By this stage of her life Narumi possessed a raging lust to be dominated, not just occasionally, but totally and viciously. She especially wished to be sexually and psychologically dominated by that as yet unknown special woman. She wished to have a mistress who would accept, indeed love Narumi's special body and fetishes, someone who would treat her with utter contempt, uncompromising brutality and complete authority. She had had many offers for sex from girls her age and even older women, who could sense that Narumi was a lesbian. It was also apparent that they admired her very pretty face and gigantic breast and large ass which seemed awesome even under Narumi's loose clothes. They could also sense that Narumi was very much in need of sex. None however, could even begin to know just how badly Narumi really need attention.

None of the women who made passes at Narumi and offered to have sex with her had ever seen her naked. What they saw was a very tall five-foot ten-inch, Euro-Asian young woman who possessed a huge bosom, long slender legs and a very wide ass. Her breast were a massive set of sacs that measured 80 inches and stretched her special made blouses outward almost two feet, even when painfully squeezed in her special made super bra. The bra was actually more like a harness. It had ten hooks on the body strap. The shoulder straps were four-inches wide and heavily padded to protect Narumi from the downward pull of the monsters. Together they weighed almost forty-five pounds. Each had very oversized dark red, areolas that pointed mostly downward and were raised above the surface of each breast about four inches. The areola were about seven inches wide and possessed often-leaky nipples that were over five inches long when errect.

Poor Narumi, her bra was only four months old and was already too small. When she wore it, her breast would be squeezed so tight that a large amount of soft quivering, sweaty breast meat would be shoved outside the top into a six-inch high, tight cleavage. Even so, when she moved her tits would toss and sway wildly even if she were only walking slowly. She loved it when her breast were squeezed tight and swayed and bounced all over her torso. She liked it even more when she took the bra off, which she did as often as possible. Then they would toss and sway in almost impossible ways. Sometimes they would crash into each other so strongly that they sounded like wet towel being slammed against a tile floor. When she stood still, they would hang below her waist. The outside perimeter of each went outward, even beyond her wide hips.

The reason Narumi's breast was so huge was due to a problem with raging, out of balance hormones that started when she was eight years old. By the time she was ten, they were a size 36C. It was at this time that her hormones caused her to start growing very thick and lond hairs all over her body. Most unusual was the fact that even now at age 18 her breast and excessive body hair continued to grow. She did not care. She hoped her breast would grow until they reached her knees, and her body hair was so profuse, and thick it would be like a fur coat. She loved and accepted all things about her most unusual and freaky body. Narumi especially loved her sexy feet with their long, curly, angular toes. They were like small fingers that she would wiggle and caress herself with many times a day. She possessed a raging fetish for other women's feet.

Sometimes she would spy a pair of feet that were so sexy that she would boldly but politely ask permission to kiss them and massage them with her mouth. Most of the time she would be laughed at, jeered and even slapped. She loved being slapped by women with sexy feet and although it was very humiliating, it made her pussy start dribbling. Occasionally, she would be given permission, but to go no further than kissing or licking the feet. It was all Narumi could do to hold back a powerful orgasm. She would always have to bind up her body in special ways before she began to make love to the woman's feet with her mouth.

Narumi was nude as she turned to admire herself in the floor to ceiling closet door mirror of her train compartment. What she saw and always smiled at would have caused even the most experienced pervert or doctor to gasp in amazement. It had often caused many of her potential female lovers to faint or vomit. Most of these horny lesbians would run from the room as soon as Naurmi removed her blouse and bra. What they saw usually caused them to cry out in fright and disbelief.

Once the bra was removed, Narumi's breast would fall below her waist. She would still be wearing her ankle length, full skirt. Each breast was covered by a dense pattern of very visible blue veins that were especially thick near her quivering puffed up areola and half hard nipples which are so large they hang down like a mans penis. What caused their dismay was the thick patch of hair that could be glimpsed between her swaying breast. The thick black hair emerges out of the waist of the skirt, in a very thick wide band. It totally hides her large deep navel. This column of hair travels up between her huge breast emerges in a thicker pattern at the top of her cleavage. What makes all but a few of the women run however, is the thick arrangement of long hair covering her areolas and nipples. Most think it is disgusting. Narumi loves every hair on her body. She especially loves the long thick growth under her arms. Some of it is 4-6 inches long. It is so thick that she can hide her hands in it.

While still looking in the mirror, Narumi, who is very strong, places both long fingered hands on the bottom of her right breast and slowly lifts the heavy monster towards her face. Smiling, she shoves the half-hard, hair-covered nipple and several inches of hairy areola into her greedy drooling mouth. Her breast are so huge that she does not even have to lower her head. The thick nipple lengthens a great amount. It is fully extended to almost five inches. She begins to moan as she crams all of it deep into her throat and fills her mouth to capacity with her thickening, soggy, hairy areola. The nipple begins to spurt a milky like substance that is almost as thick as egg white. There is so much of it that it jets out of her mouth, covering her other tit and very hairy belly in a slippery slimy, coating. She has only been chewing and sucking her breast a few minutes and it looks like a dozen men have cum on her. Her legs begin to quiver. She lets go of the slippery sac. It falls heavily against her slimy lower stomach. It makes a loud wet sound as it slings the slimy tit juice off her belly and onto the walls. The nipple continues to spurt over a foot away. landing on the wall and sliding slowly down to the floor. Narumi bends over and sucks some of it off the wall and into her mouth. Her monster tits hang way past her knees when she does.

She raise up and begins jerking on the 5 inch long, 1.5 inch thick nipple like it was a penis. It is very slippery and begins to shoot out almost two feet away. It drools down the mirror, and pools on the floor. She is making one of her many daily messes which she will happily clean up with her mouth before she is through and ready to get dressed.

She begins sucking and jerking on the left tit. It too begins a most violent spurting. Now the mirror and walls are covered in thick, slimy, tit cream. She is moaning louder as she begins to toss and turn her torso back and forth on purpose. She wants her hairy, juice covered milk bags to slap and fly as violently as possibly. This they do wonderfully. Both spurting tits slam into each other, around her arms and even into her sexually tensed face. The train compartment is becoming a slimy mess. It will take her over an hour to suck up the slimy slop. There are at least several quarts of it.



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