by Masato2

Part I - The Doctor

1-C In the Doctor's room

Mai and Ai enter the Doctor's room. While Mai and Ai undress the Nurse notice that both girls have two dicks. Both girls were examined and the Doctor notice thaz both girls have also four balls. The Doctor examine the lying Ai while the Nurse examine the also lying Mai. The Doctor and the Nurse work quite syncronous. Entering slowly the cunt, deeper and deeper up to the elbow. The lubrication already flows out of the cunts. The arms are pulled out again with the juices pouring down. Now they enter the other hand up to elbow and finally with both hands. The dicks of Mai and Ai became hard and they pull aut the hands and smear the girl's lubrication on her own dicks. Entering again the cunts with both hands and smear the lubrication on the dicks, until both dicks of each girl is completely covered with her own slimy juices. The Nurse and the Doc presses the cocks of the girls against their chests and rubbing until they cum. Some of the cum flows into the cleavages, the rest splat down on the girls cocks and bellies. The Doc and Nurse smear it over the bellies and entering Mai and Ai's asses with their arms. They start fisting the asses, but keep Mai and Ai from cumming. When the girls accumulated a lot of sperm in there balls they pull out the hands enter the cunts, washing slowly the hands with the juices inside the cunts and pullung the hands out again. The Nurse and Doctor undress completely and enter Mai and Ai's Cunts with their cocks. Playing around, leave the cunts entering the asses and still keep them from cumming.

When the Girls have stored a huge amount of semen the Doc and Nurse pull out her dicks and place them between her breasts and after this the dicks of Mai and Ai. After rubbing a while first the girls cum and the Nurse and Doc join the cumming a little later. The cum shooting out between the huge tits into the cleevage even against the faces flow down the tits onto the girls bellies. The Nurse and Doctor bow forward take the girls arms and pull them up so they sitting up and also get covered with the cum too. When they finnished cumming the girls lay back and the Nurse and Doc also bow forward a little and smear lots of cum that flowing out of their cleevage over their bellies with the cocks still between the tits. Due this the dicks stay hard. The dicks get realeased. The Nurse and Doc encircle one cock each at the base with a strong grip, slowly slide up and lick the cum from their hands awhile. Some cum left in the dicks are squeezed out too. They do so with the 2nd dick of each girl too. After cleaned the dicks they get very strong condoms over their dicks.

The Nurse and Doctor place one dick in each of their holes, sit completely down and point with their dicks at Mai and Ai's faces. Squeezing out cum like they've done at Mai and Ai's dicks a huge load of sperm splat onto the girls faces. With the help of their hands they eat up everything of it. Mai and Ai push up the dicks of the Doc and Nurse between the massive breasts and start rubbing and squeezing them between the breasts. The Doctor and Nurse start riding on the girls dicks and make them cum quite fast with their well trained vaginas. When the condoms expanded due to the sperm pumped in, the Nurse and Doc cum too. The sperm, jammed between the tits splat down on the girls chests. They continue and cum again serveral times. The chests, faces and bellies are covered over and over with slimy and sticky cum. The girls realeases the dicks from the breasts and fall on the the chests with a huge bulk of cum. Both lay down and slide forward and backward on the girls. The cum when they are over the girls faces with the tips of the dicks. The tits are used to control the flow of the sperm.
Large amounts of sperm slowly splat down on the girls faces. They eat quite everything of it. The Nurse and the Doctor stand up and the dicks slide out their holes. The condoms filled with large amounts of sperm fall onto the girls bellies. They stand up too and make knots into the condoms to close it before removing them from the dicks.

In the next room Sae plugged the most of the shit into her cunt and licked the rest from the floor.

Mai and Ai gets an injection in the root of each cock. They start to feel the effect. The blood gets pumped into the cocks. They feel it in their balls too. The Doc and the Nurse insert their dicks in the asses if the girls. They start fucking, but avoid to let the girls cum. They cum several times into the asses of the girls, and finally peed also.
Later Sae gets called to te room. Mai and Ai entering a large plastic tub, Sae follows. Sae sits down, between the girls. Sae pushes her hands and arms into the ass holes and slowly pull them out. She continue ass fisting them. Mai and Ai moaning, their cunts oozing out slimy juices, which splat down sliding down their legs. After a while Sae take out her hands. She enter the cunts with her fingers and take a handfull of the slimy juice and eat it. Now she starts to fist the pussies. The girls releases there ass holes. Cum, piss and shit coming out. The girls get fisted for a while. All three girls stand up, Mai and Ai turn around and hugging Sae.
Mai and Ai sit down, like told, as if they want to tit-fuck themselves but leaning back. Sae guides the four cocks, with some help of the girls, into her pussy and slowly sits down. She starts to ride them. Suddenly Mai and Ai cums. They couldn't control it. They pump so much cum into Sae that she had to stand up and release the content of their cunt. All the cum and shit stored there gushes out. Mai and Ai nearly fainted after this.

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